Emineo Health and Trauma Centre

In the spring of 2018, the Emineo Health Centre opened a new private orthopedic hospital in a 1,200-square-meter rental property in Hegyalja Street, where they offer orthopedic treatment, accident surgery and rehabilitation services. Our company was entrusted with the general construction of the new facility in the Buda Centre. Our task was to provide architectural design, complete mechanical engineering, clean room air technology in the operating room, design and transformation of the power grid, integration of building management systems, coordination with the building's own automation system, low-power construction (access control, CCTV, nurse call, sound system, telephone exchange). On the ground floor of the private hospital, we set up outpatient clinics, an inpatient ward with 1, 2 and 3-bed rooms and private bathrooms, as well as an operating room, together with the required service rooms, suitable for large-scale surgeries that require single-day or long-term hospital care. The rehabilitation physiotherapy rooms were created on the 1st floor. All the while we were working on the turnkey design, the office was fully operational.