Founded in 2010, Bamax Work Kft.

is owned by a Hungarian private individual.

General construction is the main profile of our company

Who are we?

Primarily, we design and renovate offices, bank branches and healthcare facilities by using professional technical management, highly qualified skilled workers and carefully selected, long-trusted subcontractors. “Doing things differently” is our slogan, which we chose to reflect our company values of quality, reliability and a strong work ethics. As a business destined to grow, we continuously achieve good results in a highly competitive market to meet the trust of our customers.

Our professional credo

Our values

  1. We only accept assignments that we can deliver in full.
  2. We are able to think together with the Principal.
  3. Quality is a top priority in all work phases.
  4. We always stick to the deadlines.
  5. Our contracts are clear and on the point, and our word is our bond.
  1. The PRICE is important for both us and the Principal.
  2. We are committed to solving all conflicts to mutual benefit.
  3. Our technical solutions are modern, creative and reliable.
  4. Our communication is polite, accurate, objective and factual.
  5. We always keep in mind to deliver in a way that will keep our customers satisfied and coming back in the future.