Construction of a primary school in Isaszeg, Hungary

In Isaszeg, we extended a primary school building that is built into a hillside. The High Authority for the Diocesan Catholic Schools (Egyházmegyei Katolikus Iskolák Főhatósága) would like to develop this primary school into an eight-year primary school with a gymnasium in the end, scheduling two phases for the implementation. The first phase was about constructing the building for lower school pupils, while the second phase was about the building for middle school pupils and the gymnasium, and the existing building received additional supplementary functions. In the existing building, the currently operating kitchen was kept, and the canteen received an extra room. Offices and other ancillary functions were set up in the current classrooms. The location of the building was the toughest construction challenge, we could still hand over the building three months before the deadline. Our goal is to always work in a speedy manner within deadlines and to deliver quality.