Construction of a clinic in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary

Construction started in November 2019, and we handed over the two-storey paediatricians’ and general practitioners’ clinic that offers a complex range of services in April 2020. Four separate units were set up in the building, one for “sick children”, one for “children with contagious diseases”, one for “healthy children”, and one for “sick adults”. The four separate entrances of the four units operating in the building are connected with a partly covered and partly open passageway which has a dual purpose: it is a passage as well as a separation of pedestrian and car traffic. The staff changing rooms, the staff lounge, and the HVAC & MEP room were set up on the first floor. In addition to the staff changing rooms on the first floor, staff bathrooms and toilets were also built on the ground floor. The Local Government of Szigetszentmiklós set a tight deadline for the construction of the clinic, which meant the toughest challenge to the construction project. We successfully delivered on the contract, and in superior quality.