Development of assets at Bamax Work Kft.

Name of beneficiary: Bamax Work Kft

Project title: Development of assets at Bamax Work Kft.

Amount of contracted aid: HUF 22,500,000

Aid intensity: 57.57%

Description of the project:

The implementation of the project covers two areas. One part helps with office work, while the other helps with physical work at the implementation sites.

This tender is intended to provide the framework for procuring IT equipment that is fully capable of performing high-quality work, run state-of-the-art software and include appropriate visual display devices, such as monitors, TV sets and projectors, which will ensure a more accurate presentation of plans and detailed technical drawings.

The acquisition of assets, such as a loader or Hilti tools, is expected to increase the quality and ease of business at Bamax Work Kft that will lead to a significant improvement of its market position and the creation of a particularly attractive company image that will improve its position in the labour market and its appeal to job seekers.

Planned completion date of the project: 30.04.2021.

Project identification number: VEKOP-1.2.6-20-2020-00225